Soapbox Social Hub brings you events allowing community members to connect, bond, and develop new friendships over important, thoughtful, and meaningful conversations.

Soapbox Pizza Night

pizza icon_edited.jpg

We invite community members from Sydney to join us on this action-focused discussion. Come in for a casual chat, and participate in an open-forum style, thought provoking conversation. Meet other thinkers, and community members from diverse background, getting together for a meaningful chat over a night of free pizzas, drinks, games, and deserts.   



Research has found that humans are social animals, and the need for connection is correlated with a healthy state of mind. Introducing hot topics as a central theme curated for interesting discussions and productivity. This is a community driven event aimed to bring groups of people together, share interest, and engage in stimulating conversations. 

This will be a perfect place to meet and greet, while having a chat over a perfect cup of tea, or coffee.