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Purchase your Soapbox Magazine online and a copy will be sent to you in the mail. The Soapbox Magazine is a community driven publication seeking humanistic, crowd-sourced solutions to contemporary social issues. It's crafted with love, made by creatives, and distributed across Sydney (or globally online). Soapbox Magazine is an artistic collection of topics surrounding art, philosophy, psychology, sociology and wellbeing. It is a non-for-profit production, and all funds made from purchases goes directly to the Magazine production, and the development of free community and educational programs aimed to improve the world we live in. Your contribution and support allows us to tackle important social issues preventing us from being a human friendly society. Buy a copy of the Soapbox Magazine and be a part of this positive social movement together.

Soapbox magazine has evolved in ways not possible if it weren't  for all our supporters, and contributors over the years. Thank you for making this special project a reality. 

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