(Hired) Social Work Facilitator

Soapbox is currently looking for a Social Worker passionate in advocating for a societal-scale mental health initiative. The role of the Social Work Facilitator would be to assist the program lead with the development of existing programs. Duties includes facilitating social work related tasks, peer mentoring, and general administrative roles. Ideally, you will have some experience in group work, and be comfortable working with a diverse peer group. You will need to demonstrate a competency in written language, and be comfortable in public speaking, including in-person, virtually, and other online settings. 

Ideally, you will have a tertiary education in social work, community, or related fields. It is important that you are empathetic, a good listener, self-directed, and compassionate. A genuine passion in social work and mental health is a must, followed by a keen interest in humanistic values. 

This will be an in-person and online role. 

Social Work Facilitator

Social Work Facilitator, job opportunity avaliable.

Job Type: Contract (Paid)
To Apply - Please send your resume and a 
cover letter to Tidus@wellbe.net.au

(Hired) Professional Editor (Part-time)

Soapbox Magazine is a community driven publication aimed to inform readers of social issues that exist today. This includes perspectives from artists, doctors, psychologists, activists, teachers, philosophers, musicians, scientists, and other members of the public wishing to make our future a better place. 

As a Professional Editor, you will be responsible for editing and proofing printed and online content, such as research articles and magazines, as well as conducting editorial reviews. As the Professional Editor, you will be required to work with content from a diverse thematic, including arts, science, and informative texts. You are expected to deliver high quality work according to tight deadlines, and be able to take ownership of busy workflows. As the Professional Editor, you must be comfortable in communicating with other team members and work alongside various projects. You will have the skills to work unsupervised and independently

Professional Editor 


Job Type: Part-time/ Casual (Paid)
To Apply - Please send your resume and a
cover letter to  Tidus@wellbe.net.au

(Hired) Graphic Designer (Jnr/Md/Snr)

As a Graphic Designer, we are looking for a creative individual with a passion in using Adobe Creative Suite. You will be skilled in Photoshop, Illustrator, and be a InDesign superstar. As this will be an in-house role, we are looking for a Graphic Designer that can think outside the box, be able to challenge traditional methods of design, and be confident in using design to make a statement. However, you will be required to handle constructive feedback, follow brand guideline, and work under the guidance of the Creative Director. 

It would be advantageous to have an interest in illustrative work, including the styles of collage art (think Dada), and editorial illustrations. You will be required to work on project in timely manner, work independently, and meet tight deadlines. 

We have various office locations in Metropolitan Sydney. However, due to the recent Covid pandemic, you will be required to work remotely, and productively from home. 

Graphic Designer (Jnr/Md/Snr)

Graphic Designer Jobs

Job Type: Part-time/ Casual/ Contract (Paid)
To Apply - Please send your resume, 
cover letter and a link to your portfolio to Tidus@wellbe.net.au


If you are interested in gaining more industry experience, we may have some internship opportunities available. 

 (Hired)  Graphic Design Interns

As a Graphic Design Intern, you will have the opportunity to work on design briefs, and be guided through the design process. Interns will be exposed to various design experiences including digital and print mediums. You will be given the opportunity to engage in visual research including mood boards, and story boarding. You will have the opportunity to develop skills in composition, branding, and visual communications. 

(Hired) Marketing Interns

As a Marketing Intern, you will learn and engage in activities associated with marketing. You will be working under the direction of our marketing manager, and will be working on print and digital projects. 

Graphic Design/ Marketing Intern


Job Type: Internships (Unpaid)
To Apply - Please send your resume, 
cover letter and your portfolio (if applicable) to Tidus@wellbe.net.au