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Soapbox Television

Deliver your own program and find out how you can engage others in a conversational dialogue on improving mental health on a societal scale. Learn the reasons why not all superheroes wear capes!

Soapbox Flat Pack

Small conversations that bag a big social change. Soapbox Flat Pack guides you to open up mental health conversations.
  • This program was developed to offer guidance in delivering your own talk relating to important social issues including mental health solutions on a societal scale 

  • Tips and guide on how to open up difficult conversations that are important 

  • How this free and simple program can help make our society a better place in 4 simple steps


Soapbox Flat Pack is a free program developed to spread awareness about the importance of social changes as a form of mental health solutions on a community-wide level. The program is designed to be flexible, and offers guidance on how to start conversations with others about public engagement with novel health solutions. Psychologists and therapists have historically remained concerned with one-to-one client experiences. Mental health concerns are rising and is time to focus on how broader changes can create positive impacts across society. Find out how you can be a part of this free community program. 

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