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This very small story chronicles the soapbox logo; journeying within, from dreams to reality and back. 

The object sits deep in space. From here, at its angle and from this distance, it appears as a diamond, half in light and half in dark. It reminds you of the two hemispheres of the brain; freedom and structure.

The moment you notice it, it rushes towards you at high speed, impossible speed, cutting through light years of space, crashing into the soft belly of the Earth.


You are fine.


Somethings happened. 

From deep in the Earth's crust, a structure blooms out of the ground, a flower made of metal scaffolding, felt covered speakers, stage lights and mics. 

The stage is a silhouette in the kicked-up dust, sitting very still for a moment. It waits for you, for us, here.


Beaming from it, out to space, is a seed, a small diamond appearing half in light and dark. 

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