Social events that are happening today near you. Come in for a chat, bring a friend, and talk about anything that's on your mind. Learn the reasons why not all superheroes wear capes!

Tea Talks is a social event. Discuss meaningful social topics. Positive community engagament.
  • Hosting a series of topics curated to stimulated meaningful discussions 

  • Establish connections between people over conversations and the sharing of ideas

  • Inspiring, engaging, and a dose of positive vibes made for, and by local community members 

TeaTalks is a live platform established to invite community members together to engage in a series meaningful topics. Research has found that humans are social animals, and the ability to connect with each other is correlated with a healthy state of mind. TeaTalks are hosted by community members where participants share ideas, and learn from each others lived experiences. It is a place where people are respected as fellow humans, where experiences are not judged, and conversations are acknowledge with honesty and an open heart. 

Due to the recent Covid response, our TeaTalks events are temporarily paused. However, please stay tuned because as soon as things get better, we will be back and you are invited to join us :) 

Tea talks. Social event.