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Publication Opportunities

Soapbox Magazine is a community driven publication aimed to inform readers of social issues that exist today. Contributors of our publication consist of everyday members volunteering their time and skills to bring forth each edition. These include artist, doctors, psychologists, activists, teachers, philosophers, musicians, scientists, and other members of the public wishing to make our future a better place. 

If you would like to contribute to our magazine publications, please get in touch and provide us with the details listed below: 

Writers and Blog Contributors

Please provide approximately 100 words summary on the topic you wish you write/ submit about. For example, it could be a social issue relating to mental-health, science, wellbeing, or something inspirational. Once you have submitted this, we will get in touch regarding the success of your pitch, and provide you with a space to publish your article in our print magazine. 

Artists and Illustrators 

If you're an artist/ illustrator, you will have the opportunity to have your artwork professionally featured in our magazine. Your submitted artwork can be related to a social issue, experimental, or something narratively expressive. Please provide a small description of the artwork you wish to submit, and we will get in touch regarding the suitability of your artwork for publications. 

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