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Soapbox Lab
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Social events that are happening today near you. Come in for a chat, bring a friend, and talk about anything that's on your mind. Learn the reasons why not all superheroes wear capes!

  • Hosting a series of topics curated to stimulated meaningful discussions 

  • Establish connections between people over conversations and the sharing of ideas

  • Inspiring, engaging, and a dose of positive vibes made for, and by local community members 


Soapbox Lab is a free program created specifically to help community members test and develop their ideas from concept to action. Any ideas brought into the program belong to their innovator, and Soapbox make no claims to them! What we do at Soapbox Lab is to encourage others to create something meaningful that produces benefits for the self and the broader community. At Soapbox, our philosophy is to encourage positive cultural changes by following humanistic principles, which we believe requires mental health solutions founded on a grassroots level. Have a good idea? Great! Get in touch to find out more. 

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