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Soapbox programs are designed to enrich others in creative ways, while encouraging a better use of time that benefits the self and the broader community. 

Soapbox Lab

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Soapbox Lab is a free program created specifically to help community members test and develop their ideas from concept to action. Any ideas brought into the program belong to their innovator, and Soapbox make no claims to them! What we do at Soapbox Lab is to encourage others to create something meaningful that produces benefits for the self and the broader community. Have a good idea? Great! Get in touch to find out more. 

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Soapbox Flat Pack


Soapbox Flat Pack is a free program developed to spread awareness about the importance of social changes as a form of mental health solutions on a community-wide level. The program is designed to be flexible, and offers guidance on how to start conversations with others about public engagement with novel health solutions. Psychologists and therapists have historically remained concerned with one-to-one client experiences. Mental health concerns are rising and is time to focus on how broader changes can create positive impacts across society. Find out how you can be a part of this free community program. 

Soapbox Print & Play

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Print & Play is an experimental program made for community members who wish to create traditional ‘cut out paper games’ for others to test and play! This program is made to be fun, while allowing the creator to go on a creative journey in the process. Do you have an idea on making a cut out game that is fun and meaningful for others? Or would you prefer to play test games created by other community members? All you need is a printer and scissors, and you’re good to go!

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