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Jason Callet
Jan 25, 2022
In Concept
Alright, people see brawls outside bars as a clear representation of toxic masculinity. While martial arts are seen as a great way to transcend one self to become a better person through exercise, mentorship and self-control. A sensei, does not simply teach how to fight, but how to control your emotions ( aggression, pain ) and express them into something positive such exercise. It's easy to see here a parallel with the work of a mental health carer, who's primary goal is to help someone understand, control and overcome one's feelings. Now, for most men it is hard to talk about their feelings and how it affects them, there's is a lot protective layers in fear of getting hurt, betrayed or judged. But if you have been training and sparing for an hour with people facing the same situation as you and your psychologist, it becomes a lot easier to pull down those barrier and discuss about such things. That's how you fix toxic masculinity, by channeling and therapy, not by judging. So I was wondering if anyone would like to join me in organising sparing session with a licensed psychologist and a martial arts trainer followed or intertwined with groups therapy discussion ?
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Jason Callet
Jan 20, 2022
In How to Everything
First, the theory of tea talk. Here we are trying to create a space where deep, honest and open conversations can happen. Where everyone's opinion can be heard, shared, discussed but most importantly respected. We are not trying to change THE world ( that’s Pizza Night ), we are simply trying to change our own little world. This, through opening it to ourselves and others, by visiting the ones foreign to us with the best intentions and finally by contemplating the idea that all of them are actually much more similar then what we tend to believe. I will be hosting this conversation that we are having today. Today, I’m not trying to teach or preach anything to you. My only objective is by myself showing vulnerability on a topic, invite you to do the same. Doesn’t mean I’m going to cry or not going to cry, haven’t figured that part yet. Hopefully if you join me in this endeavour we can share the full depth of our human experience freed from judgement or expectation. Today's objective, is up to you to decide, here is a short list of suggestion to help build your own: - What is a step-husband? - Culture and our daily lives - Confidence and public speaking - Art on another planet - Relationship with money - Does what feel work, work? ( but does it really work though ?) - The failures of counterculture - The echoes of success/ the illusion of failure - What is the here and now? - What feelings are okay? - What is relationship? - The influence of your action - How to answer to "does this dress/shirt make me look fat ?" So what I’d like to ask you today : How does topic impact you? How does that impact you in your daily life, both emotionally and pragmatically ? Tune into each and everyone's answers, try to focus on both content and emotional cues if there is any. Foster the expression of everyone with inviting questions. ( What do you mean ? Could you further explain? How does that make you feel?) As the host you should approach the topic as personally as you can, what you are expressing here is your vision on a matter in a completely honest and transparent manner. By being true, honest and vulnerable, the objective is clearly to inspire your attendance to do the same while prompting them to share their own opinion. Below are my notes that I will use for my personal expression, they are therefore mostly useless to you and invites you to create your own but it gives you an idea of how much should be coming from you. Albert Camus the Stranger Pokemon Infinite New Pokemon Now invite constructive criticism, feel free to provide it as well. Keep your heart open and maybe you will find some gold in this. There is no need to look for a specific outcome. Maybe try to summarize what has been said. Don’t forget to show appreciation, invite people to provide feedback, plug the next Teatalk, plug the next Pizza Night, plug Soapbox Co. Say goodbye
Jason Callet
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