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Sheela Pandey
Jun 06, 2023
In Journalist Phase-INTERMEDIATE
Racism and discrimination are crucial issues that prevails in our society, often caused by cultural incompetence and language barriers. These barriers hinder understanding, ongoing stereotypes, and contribute to unequal treatment and exclusion. The disadvantages effects of cultural incompetence and language barriers on marginalized communities, refers to a lack of understanding, knowledge, or sensitivity towards different cultures, leading to misunderstandings, biases, and discriminatory behaviour. Overcoming these prevailing issues requires education, awareness and fostering an environment that values diversity along with inclusive communication practices. Racism and discrimination caused by cultural incompetence and language barriers hinder our collective progress, cause low self-esteem, demotivation that can have direct effect on our personal growth and development along with mental health. By recognizing the psychological effects of these barriers, actively promoting cultural competence, and breaking down language barriers, we can promote understanding, empathy, and equality for all. Together, we can build bridges that create a future free from racism and discrimination.  

Sheela Pandey

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