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Tea Talks: Journey or destination, which matters more?

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

TeaTalks is a get-together event that invites community members to engage in a series of curated meaningful discussions. It allows attendees to establish connections between people over conversations and the sharing of ideas. It is indeed an inspiring event, engaging, and a dose of positive vibe made for attendees. Research has found that humans are social animals, and the ability to connect with each other is correlated with a healthy state of mind. TeaTalks are hosted by community members where participants share philosophical ideas and learn from each other's lived experiences. It is a place where people are respected as fellow humans, where experiences are not judged, and conversations are acknowledged with honesty and an open heart.

The event topic: Journey or destination, which matters more?

Do you know where you are going? What do you want in life? Are you where you want to be? Is everything going according to plan? Some people might know the answers while others struggle to find them. What lies ahead in one’s future is a mystery that no one can exactly answer. However, one thing is for sure: humans strive for genuine happiness. Although the meaning of happiness can be different for everyone, some people believe that it can be achieved throughout one’s journey, while others believe that reaching one’s destination is the key to achieving happiness. Whether you believe the first or the latter, let us hear your thoughts on which matters more.

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