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Soapbox Open Letter - 2021

Updated: Jun 20

Authored by Tidus Artorius

It’s that time of year again, where we celebrate the departure of 2021 and welcome the beginning of 2022. In the last couple of months, Soapbox has been actively engaged in projects that aim to make our community a better place. However, the amazing part is not what we aimed at, but the cooperation of local community members that makes up Soapbox—everyday people that wish to improve the city we live in. These projects are made possible from the combined efforts of community members across diverse background, from writers to film makers, psychologists to students, doctors to entrepreneurs, tradesmen to loving parents. This means making our city better has no boundaries between people, so long as we share the drive to improve our world. It is delightful to see so many stars amongst our own raising their hands, contributing their time and effort for the greater good. It is through witnessing this process that we can truly come to understand the saying “not all superheroes wear cape”.

Soapbox would like to thank everyone that has contributed their time, efforts, and skills to initiate mental health improvement projects on a societal scale. It is with everyone’s efforts that we are able to encourage positivity in our culture and the society we live in.

Who is Soapbox? We are ordinary people banding together to make our world a brighter, friendlier, and a better place. We are a platform that empowers individual voices, providing a space for anyone to broadcast goodness, and a place to promote the greatness residing within each of us.

Soapbox does not exclude anyone, and we welcome those that wish to do good for themselves and others. Once again, thank you to everyone that has contributed to our cause and supported our mission, and we look forward to seeing where 2022 will take us. Tidus Artorius – a community member - a Psychotherapist at The Greater Mind Centre, at wellbe and a long term supporter of Soapbox philosophies.

A big thank you to Wellbe Counselling & Psychology for sponsoring the 2021 celebratory event this year on a harbour cruise for Soapbox contributors.

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