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Rooftop Islands

We attempt link to each other across distance and through safety, in vain. Connection, participation and mutual support takes going down to the jungle between buildings. Mic 1 The doors at the tops of buildings invite us to more: at this level, soapbox is education causing dissonance. The resolution of this dissonance is action, travelling the staircase between mic 1 and 2, the practical structure provided by soapbox. (Different mics can exist at the mic 1 level, catering to different crowds. Mic 1 can be especially potent at linking with places that have their own internal networks; businesses, nonprofits, governments, communities. ) Mic 2 The doorway at the entrance to the building opens, resolving the journey from consumer to creator, Dropping the crown involves letting go of the traditional 'ownership' structures that keep us shackled. The journey involves building of ownership over one's place in humanity, and trust in it. Nodes on the Network The staircase is vital, the link between the rooftop and the jungle, as otherwise, the solution could be misguided, creating further division (Red helicopter). In the end we are creating a network of support, and the main goal is to activate all dark nodes on the network. To bring all into a connected and complex matrix of information and support. Collective consciousness The jungle is the vital information required for democratic society to occur: Understanding of context. Open information between members creates an environment where we are empowered to understand our needs and those of others, and align our goals wherever possible, and allow space where needed. As creators, with context, we can create our society.

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