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Movement Generator

Here is something not so different from previous models:

Orange - Living library of experiences and guides, supporting the following activities.

Purple (You can barely see the purple) - Connection activities designed to build trust, support and honesty with other individuals,

Green - The jungle of activity and creation,.

Yellow - Aggregation, the creation of social movements

Pink - Broadcasting, a call, to which society responds.

Visually this process is represented here as a combustion engine. Pistons are pushed up that compress gas, that is then ignited. As the mechanism is designed to preserve and recycle energy, the ignition pushes up another piston. These are heard by others as the steady rumble of an engine.

Narrative description:

At the entry point, we have two funnels, corresponding to mic 1 and 2: Pictured here as the dragon and the ghost, who have different journeys. The dragon initially responds to the allure of the jungle, before realising the work to be done is within, and moves to connection. The ghost moves to connection first, and, from there, moves THROUGH the jungle on the way to honest creation.

On the right side you see the process of integration between our real world and our human nature, and the virtual worlds that we place onto the real. Our ability to dream up new futures puts us at the risk of being disconnected from our nature and reality. By always working to connect these two, and including as many people as possible, we can ensure that the rules of society match, as much as possible, our needs. This validation of the virtual social world can be likened to the process of blockchain, where nodes on a network work together to validate agreed on truths. We then benefit from having as many nodes on the network as possible, ensuring the 'game' of society as fair to all as it can be. Through the jungle, we are additionally empowered to modify the rules of the 'game' as needed. Social blockchain also helps ensure our ideation and creation does not disconnect us from the world, but integrates the two; dreams to reality.

Believe it or not, the above's original format was a description of the relationships between the elements, as this:

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