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A Narrative Life

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

This journey to date has been as thought written by a terrible author (not me), there are too many fortunate coincidences and last minute saves. Lucky I'm documenting all this as it happens otherwise one might think I made it up. Long story short, life has magic if you know where to look. Protip: whether within or without, its always the hidden places you will find life's magic, like splashing water in an underground cave that awakes glowworms appearing as a starfield on the cave ceiling. Or the sight of a whale at the horizon in a sea of bioluminescence; algae that shimmer like green starlight with your swimming motion in the ocean of waves that swell and do not break. Or love that sneaks through the walls of your heart like water erodes the cliff face, and suddenly you are at a shallow and clear pool shimmering in the wind's motion.

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