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Best Theme MIUI 12 APK for Xiaomi Phones: Reviews and Ratings

How to Customize Your Xiaomi Phone with MIUI 12 Themes

If you are a Xiaomi phone user, you might be wondering how to make your device look more stylish and unique. One of the easiest ways to do that is to use MIUI 12 themes, which are designed to enhance the appearance and functionality of your phone. In this article, we will show you what MIUI 12 is, how to download and apply MIUI 12 themes, and some of the best MIUI 12 themes to style your Xiaomi phone.

What is MIUI 12 and why you should try it

MIUI 12 is the latest version of Xiaomi's custom Android skin, which was released in April 2020. It boasts tons of system-level technical innovations that culminate to an ultra-smooth UI experience, thanks to the many system-wide animations that bring life out of every detail. Some of the features and benefits of MIUI 12 are:

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  • New layered icons that react to gestures/touch in a different manner

  • Super wallpapers that change according to the time of day and show realistic views of Earth, Mars, and Saturn

  • A new control center that separates the notification shade and the quick settings panel

  • A new privacy protection system that gives you more control over your data and permissions

  • A new dark mode that adapts to different apps and reduces eye strain

  • A new floating window feature that lets you multitask with ease

  • A new AI calling feature that transcribes and answers calls for you

  • A new health app that tracks your steps, sleep, and heart rate

MIUI 12 is compatible with most Xiaomi devices, including Poco, Redmi, and Mi series. However, not all devices have received the MIUI 12 update yet, as Xiaomi is rolling out the update in batches. You can check if your device is eligible for the update by going to Settings > About phone > System update. If you see an update available, you can download and install it. If not, you can wait for the official notification or try using a VPN app to change your region.

How to download and apply MIUI 12 themes

One of the best things about MIUI is its customizability. You can change the look and feel of your phone by using different themes, which are collections of wallpapers, icons, fonts, sounds, and more. There are two ways to get MIUI 12 themes: from the global theme store or from the China theme store. Here are the differences between them:

Global theme storeChina theme store

Has fewer themes than China theme storeHas more themes than global theme store

Has themes in English languageHas themes in Chinese language

Does not have link sharing functionHas link sharing function

Does not require VPN or third-party appRequires VPN or third-party app

>Qin Shimingyue World Customization

This theme is exotic for those who love Chinese culture and history. It features a historical wallpaper with a Chinese painting, a historical notification shade with ancient icons, and a historical settings menu with traditional icons. The theme also has an exotic lock screen animation that shows a Chinese scroll when you unlock your phone.


This theme is simple for those who want a classic and minimalist look for their Xiaomi phone. It features a plain black wallpaper, a plain black notification shade with white icons, and a plain black settings menu with white icons. The theme also has a simple lock screen animation that shows a white circle when you unlock your phone.

Little monster flying a plane

This theme is adorable for those who like a whimsical and cheerful look for their Xiaomi phone. It features a lovely wallpaper with a little monster flying a plane, a lovely notification shade with colorful icons, and a lovely settings menu with cute icons. The theme also has an adorable lock screen animation that shows the little monster flying across the screen when you unlock your phone.

Conclusion and FAQs

MIUI 12 themes are a great way to customize your Xiaomi phone and make it stand out from the crowd. You can choose from hundreds of themes that suit your taste and mood, and download and apply them easily from the global or China theme store. We have listed some of the best MIUI 12 themes to style your Xiaomi phone, but you can always explore more and find your own favorites. Here are some FAQs that might help you:

Q: How can I delete or uninstall MIUI 12 themes?

A: To delete or uninstall MIUI 12 themes, you can go to the Themes app, tap on the Profile icon, tap on My page, tap on Themes, tap on the theme that you want to delete or uninstall, and then tap on Delete or Uninstall.

Q: How can I create my own MIUI 12 themes?

A: To create your own MIUI 12 themes, you can use the Mi Theme Editor app, which is available on Google Play Store. You can import your own wallpapers, icons, fonts, sounds, and more, and customize them according to your preference. You can also share your themes with others or upload them to the theme store.

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Q: How can I backup or restore my MIUI 12 themes?

A: To backup or restore your MIUI 12 themes, you can use the Mi Mover app, which is pre-installed on your Xiaomi phone. You can transfer your themes to another device or save them to an external storage device. You can also restore your themes from another device or from an external storage device.

Q: How can I update my MIUI 12 themes?

A: To update your MIUI 12 themes, you can go to the Themes app, tap on the Profile icon, tap on Settings, tap on Check for updates, and then tap on Update all or Update selected.

Q: How can I get more MIUI 12 themes?

A: To get more MIUI 12 themes, you can go to the Themes app, tap on the Browse icon, and then browse through different categories and themes. You can also search for specific keywords or use filters to narrow down your choices. You can also join online communities and forums where MIUI users share their themes and recommendations.

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